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Voluntary Support (donation)

The main idea of GermanLuftwaffe.com is "from those interested aviation for those interested in aviation." The software and its application are therefore completely free of charge and accessible to everyone.

GermanLuftwaffe.com also strives to develop the platform technology and constantly adapt to the needs of visitors. Improvement suggestions are therefore always welcome and help at the same time to make GermanLuftwaffe.com better.

The success of German Air Force.de is based on the size of the community that uses GermanLuftwaffe.com actively. Therefore, you can also benefit as patrons or visitors of any new patron or visitor. Please help and recommend GermanLuftwaffe.com


Your voluntary financial support (donation) is important for us:


All development promotion and maintenance costs are carried of the GermanLuftwaffe.com.  Therefore voluntary contributions are especially welcome. All members can benefit directly! 

Instead of a compulsory fee for all members, we want to appeal to "voluntary support".

We would like to appeal to all „constant “visitors of the web page and call for a voluntary annual contribution in the amount you feel appropriate.

Your financial supports goes completely to the further development of GermanLuftwaffe.com, which are: 

- Server costs and domain registration
- Accurate investigations
- Acquisition of documents (museums, private archives)
- Further development of Websites (technical improvements)

Important: No wages or salaries are paid!   

Besides my work and my family I invest a lot of time in the acquisition of documents and into the work for the websites. In order to keep the non-commercial character of the website and to improve the quality, I unfortunately have to depend on financial support.   

This is also to let any visitor enjoy the website free of charge. 

If you find our site a "good thing", we are asking you for a personal contribution.


Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me personally.


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